Your hosts


Welcome to Ohio's Amish Country! Your hosts, Tom and Sarah Miller and their family, invite you to enjoy your vacation on their beautiful hilltop farm located just minutes from all the popular attractions Amish Country has to offer. Their family is happy to share the beauty and peace of the quiet country farm with visitors. Be sure to give them a wave or say hi as you pass by their house to your cabin!

A few words from Uncle Tom

"During your stay here you can either sit back and relax or head out to all the local shops or events. There are many local family-oriented attractions in Berlin, Walnut Creek and Mount Hope. Visit the new theaters in the area or one of the event center expos. Or, tour an Amish home or visit the local auction barns to see the farm animals. When you return, your cabin here is always ready for you to relax for an evening swim or a fire in your fire pit. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you thoroughly enjoy your time here. We may be a little partial, but we really do live "the good life" here in Holmes County. Come, stay with us and experience what it's like to live in Amish Country!"

We spend a lot of time in Amish country and happy to say our stay at Uncle Tom's Cabins was excellent. Cabin clean, grounds well kept, wood waiting for you to make your fire .Very private and quiet except for the sound of sheep in nearby pasture.